220v / 60hz single phase rope suspended platform zlp500 zlp630 zlp800 zlp1000

Detailed Product Description

Color: Yellow, Orange, Red, Silver (can Be Customized)
Rated Load: 500kg,630kg,800kg,1000kg
Size Of Platform: 5000/6000/7500mm X 690mm X 1300mm
Brake Torque: 16
Diameter Of Steel Rope: 8.3mm / 8.6mm
Motor Power: 2 X 1.5kw/1.8kw /2.2kw
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V, 50/60HZ
Counter Weight: Concrete, Concrete With Steel Cover, Iron-casting

220v / 60Hz Single Phase Rope Suspended Platform ZLP500 ZLP630 ZLP800 ZLP1000


Shandong Haoke Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is one high-tech enterprise engaged in manufacturing,

marketing & technical service of Electrical Suspended Platform, Construction Material Hoist, Construction

Elevator, Tower Crane, B.M.U Gondola, Self-propelled Jack Gantry Lift, and other construction equipment.

HAOKE pay great qualified by ISO 9001 and our products are CE certified.


1. Highrise building: Decoration,construction for external wall,installation of curtain wall and external


repairing, checking,maintenance and cleaning for external wall;

2. Large-scale project: construction,repairing and maintenance for large tank, chimney, dams, bridges,


3. Large ships: welding, cleaning and painting.

4. billboard: installation billboard for high-rise building.

Technical Parameters:

Model ZLP 500 ZLP630 ZLP800 ZLP1000
Appearance Painting / Hot galvanized
Fabrication material Steel/ Aluminum alloy
Rated load 500 kg 630kg 800kg 1000kg
Lifting speed 9~11m/min 9~11m/min 8~10m/min 8~10m/min
Motor power 2×1.5kw 2×1.5kw 2×1.8kw 2×2.2kw
Brake torque 16 km 16 km 16 km 16 km
Steel rope angle adjusting range 3°~8° 3°~8° 3°~8° 3°~8°
Distance between two steel rope ≤ 100mm ≤ 100mm ≤ 100mm ≤ 100mm
Counterweight (optional) 25kg×30pcs 25kg×36pcs 25kg×40pcs 25kg×44pcs
Diameter of steel rope 8.3mm 8.3mm 8.6/9.1mm 9.1mm
Max Lifting height(m) 300m 300m 300m 300m
Motor rotation speed 1420 r/min 1420 r/min 1420 r/min 1420 r/min
Voltage (3PHASES) (optional) 220V/380V/415V 50Hz/60Hz

1. Platform(basket): Steel or Aluminum Alloy (painted or hot galvanized)

2. Suspension Mechanism: Steel (painted or hot galvanized)

3. Electric hoists:LTD6.3, LTD8.0, LTD10.0

4. Safety Lock: LS30

5. Electric control box: Along with hoists

6. Steel wire rope: 8.3mm ,8.6mm or 9.1mm

7. Safety rope: 18mm,20mm

8. Electric cable: 3*2.5+2*1.5

9. Counterweights: Cement, cement with steel cover & Iron casting counterweight

10. Wheels both under suspension mechanism & platform available;

11. Platform: We can meet your requirements on different length, such as 2m,3m,4m,6m,7.5m....12m


12. Lifting height: 300m maximum.