zlp800 steel suspended working platform 380v 3 phases for outer wall cleaning

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ZLP800 steel suspended platform for outer wall cleaning

ZLP800 Steel Suspended Platform consists of the components by: hoists, safety locks, electric control system, suspend platform, suspension mechanism, counter weight, steel rope, etc, And, It is mainly used in the refurbishing of out wall , Installation of curtain wall and window cleaning.

1. The technical parameters

Model ZLP800
Cable/Steel wire rope length 100 Meters
Rated load 800Kgs
Lifting speed 9.6M/Min
Dimensions of platform(L*W*H) 7500MM*690MM*1300MM
Steel rope diameter 9.1MM
Hoist Power 2*1.8Kw
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3 Phases
Safety lock Maximum impact force 30KN
Locking cable angle 3º-8º
Suspension mechanism Front beam overhang 1.3-1.7M
Support adjustable height 1.44-2.14M
Bottom wheel 4 Pcs
Concrete counter weight 1000Kg
Caster wheel under platform 4 Pcs

2 Product Drawing