window cleaning rope suspended platform zlp630 with hoist ltd6.3 motor power 1.5kw


Window Cleaning Rope Suspended Platform ZLP630 With Hoist LTD6.3 Motor Power 1.5kw
Quick Detail:
1. Model No.: ZLP630
2. Brand Name: HAOKE
3. Material: Steel / Aluminum
4. Appearance: Plastic Spray Painted / Hot Galvanized
5. Capacity Loading: 630 KG
6. Lifting Height: Maximum 300 Mts
7. Counterweight: Concrete, Concrete with steel cover, Iron


Property Model No.ZLP630
Rated load(kg)630
Lifting speed(m/min)9~11
Motor power(kw)2×1.5 50HZ/60HZ
Brake torque(Km)16
Steel rope angle adjusting range(°)3°- 8°
Distance between two steel rope(mm)≤100
Rated stretch of front beam(mm)1500
Suspending platformLockingAluminum alloy
Nr.Of platform rackSingle rack
Nr.Of platform3
Weight(kg)375 Kg
Suspending mechanism(kg)2×175 Kg
Counterweight(kg) optional25×36pcs
Diameter of steel rope(mm)8.3
Max Lifting height(m)300
Motor rotation speed(r/min)1420
Voltage(v) 3PHASES/Single Phase220V/380V/415V (customized)

Detailed Product Description
Color: Yellow, Orange, Red, Silver (can Be Customized)
Rated Load: 630kg
Lifting Speed: 9-11 M/min
Max. Lifting Height: 300m
Suspension Mechanism: 2 X 175kg
Brake Torque: 16
Motor Power: 2 X 1.5kw
Motor Rotation Speed: 1420 R/min

Competitive advantages:

1. Absolutely guarantee life safety during Aerial working

Safety lock fasten the steel rope immediately once the suspended platform tilts or the steel rope slips out of the hoist; Electric control system is designed with leakage protection, over-heat protection, current overload protection and brake stop;Good-quality steel wire rope, safety rope and cable.

2. Stable performance: raise up and lower down smoothly

3. Modular design. Easy to disassemble, assemble operate and maintain.

4. Lifting height can be adjusted according to requirement (Maximum 300 Meters)

5. Working voltage and frequency can be adjusted (220V/380V/415V etc.)

6. Suspended platform for special usage can be customized (circular, L shape, U shape, etc)

7. Professional quality, competitive price, fast delivery, good services.

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