rope hanging suspended access platform, zlp630 construction lift gondola machine

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ZLP630 Gondola machine is for temporary applications for lifting people and their working equipment - at unlimited heights.

The model perfectly suited to lightweight applications such as painting and decorating, refurbishing, jointing and repairs, windows cleaning etc. The complete system consists of the working platform equipped with two electric LTD hoists and the support wheels, suspended by means of steel wire ropes from a suspension structure.

Safety systems

To ensure safe operation without danger to personnel, the platform is fitted with the following safety devices:

1. Service brake incorporated in the LTD hoist.
2. Two fall arrest devices acting on the safety wire ropes.
3. Two upper limit switches.
4. No power descent in case of power failure.
5. Emergency stop.
6. Phase controller. (Option)
7. Overload sensor incorporated in the LTD hoists according to EN 1808. (Option)

The parameters of ZLP series suspended platform

Rated Load500kg630kg800kg1000kg
Lifting speed9m/min9m/min9m/min8.7m/min
Safety lockLSF308LSF308LSF309LSF310
Dia.of Wire Rope4×31SW+FC-8.3mm4×31SW+FC-8.3mm4×31SW+FC-9.1mm4×31SW+FC-10.2mm
Plateform Size  (L×W×H)(2.5×2)×0.76×1.45M(2×3)×0.76×1.45M(2.5×3)×0.76×1.45M(2.5×3)×0.76×1.45M
Weight of Suspended Jibs340kg340kg340kg340kg
Weight of Lifting Part410kg(Steel)
Counter Weight800kgs900kgs1000kgs1200kgs
20GP Qty Of Package10Sets10Sets9Sets9Sets
*The weight of lifting part includes platform,hoist,safety locks and electric control system.

Product details

Gondola machine Details
Perfect the details of the process and quality is the guarantee

Platform Suspension

End stirrup:Fitted at the ends of the platform.
Advantages:The most economical and lightweight version, although showing extraordinary performances.

Frame stirrup:Slipped over the platform like a "frame".
Advantages:The ends of the platform and therefor the building corners are clear and can be easily accessed, exchangeable with the upper part of the end stirrup.

"L" stirrup:Placed at the rear of the platform behind the workers.
Advantages:The working surface is completely clear and the whole façade can be easily accessed.

Anchoring Options

Light Parapet clampParapet clampNormal suspension jibs
In most applications, it is possible to use a system of mobile suspension jibs in the roof for the attachment of temporary suspended platforms.

Double-Deck Platform

The ZLP platform can be easily transformed in a double-deck platform using especially designed attachment rods.

Accessory for Suspended Platform

Quick Details

Place of Origin: shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:SUCCESS
Model Number: ZLP
Driving method:Electric power
Material: Aluminium
Platform Mounting: Screw type
Certification: ISO9001:2008/CE/TUV
Platform suspension:End stirrup
Anchoring options: Suspension jibs
Color: Customized
Name: Gondola machine
Application: Hanging scaffold platform
Type: ZLP

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