208 v / 60hz three phase 100m , 150m , 200m , etc aluminum alloy zlp630 suspended cradle

208 V / 60HZ Three Phase 100m , 150m , 200m , etc Aluminum Alloy ZLP630 Suspended Cradle

208 V / 60HZ Three Phase 100m , 150m , 200m , etc Aluminum Alloy ZLP630 Suspended Cradle

Haoke suspended platform ( suspended cradle , suspended gondola ) is used for the people who work at height. Safety is the major concern.

Our rope suspended platform systems are not just efficient but also found to be really affordable.


Particulars Technical Parameter
Model ZLP630 ZLP800
Cable / Wire rope length Standard 100m, 300m at most
Rated load ( Kgs) 630 800
Lifting Speed ( Mtrs / min) 9 – 11 m/min ( + / - 0.5) 8 - 10 m/min ( + / - 0.5)
Length of platform (M) 6.0 7.5
Maximum dimensions of platform

( L X W X H)

(2.0m x 3) X 0.69 X 1.3 (2.5m x 3) x 0.69 x 1.3
Steel Rope diameter Ф8.3mm φ8.6mm /9.1mm
Hoist Power 1.5 KW*2 1.8KW*2
Voltage 380V / 208V / 220V /415V / 440V; 50HZ/60HZ; 3P/Single phase
Safety Lock Permission force of impact 30 KN
Locking Cable Angle 3°~8°
Suspension mechanism

Hot Galvanized

Front beam overhang 0.5~.1.7m
Support adjustable height 1.15~1.75m
Counterweight 900kg 1000kg
suspension mechanism Included
Anti-swaying device Alternative
Load cell with digital display Alternative
Schneider contactors Included
counter weights Alternative
Overhead Roof Alternative
Wall Rollers Included
Remote control Included
Customized flaps for collecting debris Alternative
Customized extension Alternative
Safety device included:

1.Safety lock-Anti tilting

2.Safety rope Nylon 18mm (life line) with fall arrester- 01 No. with each unit

3.Centrifugal speed limiter

4.Electromagnetic brake manual release ,

5.Over hoist/Top limit switch

6.Over current/Protection relay

7.Emergency stop

Type of Material steel painted, hot galvanized, aluminum alloy


Detailed Product Description

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Platform Length: 6m
Counter Weight: 900kg