zlp 500 lp 630 temporarily suspended wire rope platform for building

Detailed Product Description
ZLP 500 LP 630 Temporarily Suspended Wire Rope Platform For Building

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1.Cleaning and maintaining of the exterior wall of high-rise building.

2.Painting, decoration and refurbishing of exterior walls.

3. Installation projects and other construction working of outer walls of high-rise building.

4. Aerial working of ship, large tower, bridge, dams and large chimneys.

5. Install and maintain for high-rise building elevator hoistway, shipbuilding industry, seagoing vessel, warships welding maintain.



Property /  Model No. ZLP500 ZLP630
Rated load(kg) 500 630
Lifting speed(m/min) 9~11 9~11
Motor power(kw) 2×1.5 50HZ/60HZ 2×1.5 50HZ/60HZ
Brake torque(Km) 16 16
Steel rope angle adjusting range(°) 3°- 8° 3°- 8°
Distance between two steel rope(mm) ≤100 ≤100
Rated stretch of front beam(mm) 1500 1500
Suspending platform Locking Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Nr.Of platform rack Single rack Single rack
Nr.Of platform 2 3
L×W×H(mm) (2000×2)×690×1300 (2000×3)×690×1300
Weight(kg) 350 Kg 375 Kg
Suspending mechanism(kg) 2×175 Kg 2×175 Kg
Counterweight(kg) optional 25×30pcs 25×36pcs
Diameter of steel rope(mm) 8.3 8.3
Max Lifting height(m) 300 300
Motor rotation speed(r/min) 1420 1420
Voltage(v) 3PHASES 220V/380V/





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